Building materials stored in the garden

A Garden in the South of France: how it all started.

We moved from Switzerland into this large garden (and the accompanying house) in June of 2022. After the first weeks of emptying boxes, setting up and buying furniture it’s time to do something about the garden. It has been layouted by our predecessors but as they had not lived here full-time, and moved out in February, it has not been maintained 100%. So there is quite a bit of overgrown jungle as well as areas of naked, dusty earth.

I started by clearing the paths and beds in the vegetable garden of grasses and other weeds so that I can see what’s growing. That leaves naked soil lying bare in the sun for the time being, which is not a good thing of course. But it also doesn’t make sense to leave flowering weeds standing.

Next I will cover the paths with sheeting and mulch. And we will call in a professional to do the first cutting of all the overgrown shrubs, which is impossible to do on our own – even with all the equipment we’re buying. Although naturally I’m already out and about with my trusty Japanese saw to clear what I can…


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