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  • In the shade

    In the shade

    After a very changeable spring it is finally getting hot. Two weeks between 25 and 29 degrees with nary a cloud in sight. So I’m starting to test my idea for shading the vegetable garden to help prevent water evaporation. All the shading nets available are dark and I break out in a sweat just…


  • Goodbye Poppies.

    Goodbye Poppies.

    Slowly spaces are opening up again as the beautiful masses of native wild poppies successively grew smaller. I’ve pulled them out as they faded and the other plants needed more space and less competition. I put the faded poppies and other desired “weeds” on the service walkway that goes along the side of the garden…


  • And lead us not into temptation

    And lead us not into temptation

    The “Ice Saints” in the South of France. No, there are (usually) no more sub-zero temperatures in May or even in April here in Capestang. February and March offer many days with warm sun and 20+ ℃. And it can feel physically painful to NOT start sowing your tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, melons, etc. So I…


  • Starting the trimming season

    Starting the trimming season

    It is February and beautiful outside and my fingers are itching to get going in the garden. It’s too early to plant but I can start trimming some shrubs. There are two small olive trees that are overgrown with inner branches actually growing backwards on themselves. As they have been planted in half-shade they’re also…