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  • Roses for a Mediterranean Garden

    Roses for a Mediterranean Garden

    A garden without roses? It’s possible but is it necessary? I did my research in 2022 and chose what I thought was a varied selection of robust roses. My experience so far shows that there are huge differences between varieties, even those said to be robust and resistant. And there are more aspects to consider…


  • Geranium


    In Switzerland I always had Geranium “Rozanne” – it is one of the longest flowering and most vigorously growing Geraniums I knew and I loved to see those gorgeous blue flowers all over my garden. But alas, it’s not made for dry Southern climes or soils. So for this garden I’m using as ground covers…


  • Calendula


    I don’t really like “hot” colors in flowers, like yellow, orange, or red. But there are some I can’t resist. Among them is Calendula officinalis or Marigold – one of my alltime favorites. Marigold thrives in a Mediterranean Garden When we first arrived here I tossed a package of calendula seeds in the vegetable garden and…


  • Convolvulus


    Convolvulus cneorum One of those absolute specialists for poor, dry, alcaline, clay, sandy or gravelly soil and full sun exposure. The evergreen plant makes a little bush of about 50cm high and 70cm wide. It is hardy up to -10°C, when well established and in well-drained soil. Olivier Filippi gives it a drought resistance rating…


  • Mediterranean Iris

    Mediterranean Iris

    Live and learn… I had always thought of Iris as a delicate and overbred plant for experienced gardeners. But when I came here I found out that Iris are one of the most robust, hardy, drought and heat resistant flowers there are. They grow wild everywhere around here, from small Iris lutescens in the Garrigue…


  • Springtime Bulbs

    Springtime Bulbs

    I did a lot of research before starting my garden here – and I’m still researching. But sometimes I also just try stuff like springtime plants I’ve grown in more northerly gardens. I’ve found that a plant’s natural habitat can make a big difference here at sea level in the Mediterranean. Plants from more mountainous…