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  • Roses for a Mediterranean Garden

    Roses for a Mediterranean Garden

    A garden without roses? It’s possible but is it necessary? I did my research in 2022 and chose what I thought was a varied selection of robust roses. My experience so far shows that there are huge differences between varieties, even those said to be robust and resistant. And there are more aspects to consider…


  • Eleagnus ebbingei (submacrophylla)

    Eleagnus ebbingei (submacrophylla)

    Heavenly Scent & Drought Resistance in One. The side of the garden towards the neighbors is largely planted with Eleagnus x Ebbingei, now known as Eleagnus submacrophylla or “Chalef” in Garden-French. This shrub was totally unknown to me and when I first saw it in the summer, it didn’t impress me much. But then came…


  • Photinia fraseri

    Photinia fraseri

    Along with eleagnus ebbingei, our garden is bordered by a few big Photinia fraseri “Red Robin” bushes. Apparently it is one of the most widely planted evergreen hedge shrubs in European gardens. Despite its elegant looks and soft glossy leaves, this shrub is totally drought and heat resistant and an absolute recommendation for dry gardens.…