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  • Geranium


    In Switzerland I always had Geranium “Rozanne” – it is one of the longest flowering and most vigorously growing Geraniums I knew and I loved to see those gorgeous blue flowers all over my garden. But alas, it’s not made for dry Southern climes or soils. So for this garden I’m using as ground covers…


  • Convolvulus


    Convolvulus cneorum One of those absolute specialists for poor, dry, alcaline, clay, sandy or gravelly soil and full sun exposure. The evergreen plant makes a little bush of about 50cm high and 70cm wide. It is hardy up to -10°C, when well established and in well-drained soil. Olivier Filippi gives it a drought resistance rating…


  • Ceratostigma plumbaginoides

    Ceratostigma plumbaginoides

    Unsung heroes of the dry garden Ceratostigma plumbaginoides – the “blue-flowered leadwort” – is a native from Western China. It grows and grows, unfettered by heat or drought, and blooms from June through September in a very beautiful bright blue over somber green leaves. The leaves may also turn red in the fall. I had…


  • How about a lawn?

    How about a lawn?

    Not that we are all that crazy about having to mow lawn… But since there is this big area with nothing growing on it and since there are these grass seed mixes for “dry garden lawns”, we decided to give it a try and sowed “lawn” at the end of November. And now, at Christmastime,…