Convolvulus cneorum aka silverbush in mediterranean Garden in Languedoc, South of France


Convolvulus cneorum

One of those absolute specialists for poor, dry, alcaline, clay, sandy or gravelly soil and full sun exposure.

The evergreen plant makes a little bush of about 50cm high and 70cm wide. It is hardy up to -10°C, when well established and in well-drained soil. Olivier Filippi gives it a drought resistance rating of 4 of 6 and so far that has proved to be true. Depending on the summer, it really does not need much, if any, additional water. From April through July it opens the loveliest white flowers in sunny weather.

It can be grown in pots, as long as there is very good drainage.

Convolvulus oleifolius

Another drought specialist with a “code de secheresse” by Filippi of 5 of 6. The same poor, gravelly or sandy, alcaline soil is preferred – if the soil is too rich, the plant will be short-lived. Hardy up to -12°C and wants full sun exposure.

It is evergreen and grows into a little bush of 50 cm height and 70 cm width. The flowers are pale pink with darker pink stripes and bloom between April and July – they are well-loved by butterflies.

Convolvulus sabatius “de Mauretanie”

An easy plant that wants nothing but sunshine and well-drained soil, and will not need a drop of water, once established. It tolerates salty air but is less hardy (up to -7°C in dry soil).


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